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To get the chat rooms to work, you must have Java installed and you can't be behind a firewall. Installing Java is easy. Go to and click on the upper right corner and follow the instructions. If you are behind a firewall, all the chat will say is: "*** Connecting to" and nothing more will happen. We are trying to get the chat rooms to work when you are behind a firewall, but until then you can't use the chat rooms.

Join a chat room

You will join the chat room called "General" when you start the chat. To join another chat room, click on the "Chat rooms" button and then double-click on a chat room in the list. You can also type: "/j #chatroom" or "/join #chatroom" which will join the chat room called "chatroom". If the chat room is empty it will be created, so /j or /join are also used to create chat rooms.

Leave a chat room

To leave a chat room, type "/l #chatroom" or "/leave #chatroom" and you will leave the chat room called "chatroom".

Send private messages

Sending a private message is easy. The syntax is: "/msg nickname message", so if you for instance want to ask Josh what he's doing, just type "/msg Josh Hey, what are you up to?" (without the quotation marks). The first time you send a private message to someone, or the first time you receive a private message from a person, a new window will appear. After that there is no need to use /msg anymore, you can just type your messages in the conversation box for that chat window. To close a private conversation window, simply type "/close".

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