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It's easy to use the messenger, the only thing you need is to have established one or more friendships. When your friends are online they will automatically appear in the messenger window to your right.

To send a message, simply click on the mail icon for the friend you wish to message and a popup window will appear. Enter your message and click on send message.

When the mail icon flashes in orange, it means you have received a new message. Simply click on it to read it. After you have read it, you can choose to either reply or just delete the message.

When the mail icon has stopped flashing, it means you have read the message, but not replied or deleted it yet.
IM contact list
For those of you who have many friends and don't want everyone on you instant messenger, you can click on the drop-down box and switch from "Friends online" to "IM contact list". Then only your IM contact list friends will appear. You can set exactly who you want to have on your IM contact list on your friends page. Click edit on a friend and select "Show member on my contact list".
An instant message can only be read and sent when both you and your friend is online. The messenger is inteded for quick conversations, so an instant message will be stored on the server for 7 days, then it will be automatically deleted. If you are messaging something important and want to be certain your friend reads your message, you might want to send a normal message instead.

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