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The quick menu at the top left below the logo is the fastest way to access your profile, messages, guestbook, friends list and communities. Below is a short description of the different quick menu options.
Home - Link to your profile
Messages - Link to your messages
Guestbook - Link to your guestbook
Friends - Link to your friends list
Communities - Link to your communities

Whenever you get a new message, guestbook post, friendship request, etc the icons will automatically highlight on the quick menu. Simply click on the icon that is highlighted to see what's new. You can see what the icons will look like when they are highlighted below.
New message - You have a new message from someone, click the icon to read it
New guestbook - You have a new guestbook post from someone, click the icon to read it
New friend - You have a pending friendship request from someone that wants to be your friend
New community - You have unread posts in one of the forums/communities you are a member of

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