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The profile page is your personal presentation to other members. Everytime another member visits your place this is the first page they will see. That's why it's important to make a good presentation. We've tried to include both serious and humorous options to allow each member to select how seriously they want to be taken. If you want to joke around, feel free to do so. In the near future you will also get access to tools which will let you add your own background color, text color, images, etc. to customize your place and give it a more personal touch.


Messages are useful to have private conversations with other members. This is where you read messages that other members have sent to you. As these messages are private, only you can read them. You can think of it as a very basic mail system with two folders, "My messages" where you keep messages that other members have sent to you, and "Sent messages" where you keep messages that you've sent to other members, so you can keep track of what you've said.


The guestbook is where people that visit your place can leave fun messages for you. All messages posted in guestbooks are public, so anyone can read them. If you want to reply to a guestbook post, simply click on the link titled "Reply". If you for some reason want to delete a message from your guestbook, simply click on the link titled "Delete".


A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically - like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly - from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction.

Blog posts are like instant messages to the web.

Many blogs are personal, "what's on my mind" type musings. Others are collaborative efforts based on a specific topic or area of mutual interest. Some blogs are for play. Some are for work. Some are both.


The friends page helps you to easily keep track of your friends at You can see if your friends are online or when they were last logged in. To become friends with someone, simply visit their place and select the "Add as friend" option. Then you get to select the type of relationship you want to have and send the request. Then it's up to the other member to either accept or decline your request. If they accept you as their friend you will appear on each others friends lists.


To upload and edit your photos is pretty straightforward. All you need to know though is that when you set a photo as private, no one except you and your friends that you have allowed to see your private photos will be able to see your private photos. To let someone see your private photos they must therefore first be your friend and then you can go to your friends and click on "Edit" for the friend you want to allow to see your private photos. This way you can choose exactly who you want to show your private photos for. Private photos will of course not appear on the new photos section. Notice that private diary posts works exactly the same way.

Photos can be flagged as "adult" by admins, because they contain too much nudity. To see an adult photo you must be 18 years old. Adult photos will also not appear on the new photos section.


The links page is where you keep a list of your favorite web sites online. You can add links in different categories and manage them easily. This is a very handy feature, since it gives you easy access to your link collection from any computer. The links can also tell something about you as a person.


This is just a quick quiz so people quickly can get an idea of who you are.


If someone is harassing you, you can just add them to your ignore list. By doing so, they won't be able to write in your guestbook, nor sending private messages to you.


Here you change your most important settings, your password and e-mail address.


Members online

The members online page gives you a list of people who are logged in to the system. As these members are currently online, it should be easy to contact them and start chatting. You can narrow the list of people by specifying the sex, age range and country you're looking for. You can also choose to only include people with a photo in their profile. This should make it easy to find interesting people to chat with.

New members

The new members page gives you a list of the newest members to join You can narrow the list of people by specifying the sex, age range and country you're looking for. You can also choose to only include people with a photo in their profile. Please note that the list is limited to the 50 newest members.

Search members

The search members page is useful to search for members by nickname, sex, age, location, etc. There's also an advanced search if you want to be really specific.


This is a very simple chat where you can see what other members say, or perhaps say something yourself. You can of course communicate with people by writing in their guestbooks or sending private messages.

What's new

Everytime you login to you will see the what's new page. It contains information about all the latest news, updates and changes that you should be aware of. Make sure to read this page to stay up-to-date.


This page. We will add more information here, as we will learn what our members have problems with.


To logout from the system, simply click on the link titled "Logout". If you're in a hurry you can just close your browser, since your session will timeout after a while, but for safety reasons it's better to logout and clear your session information.

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