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Cookies enabled

Make sure you have cookies enabled in your web browser. If you are unable to login or keep getting the error message: "Oops members only!", you haven't enabled cookies in your web browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer click: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and set the privacy setting to medium high (some members have reported they had to set it to medium-low). You might have to restart your browser.

Cookies allowed for

If you still have problems or have problems with popup windows on our site, you can click (if you are using Internet Explorer) Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. Click on "Edit" and then enter "" into the text field and click "Allow". You might have to restart your browser.

Javascript enabled

You need to have javascript enabled to use the main menu and all features of To enable javascript in Internet Explorer, click: Tools > Internet Options > Security. Select Internet, click on "Custom level" and scroll down to "Scripting" and enable "Active scripting".

Missing images

If some images are missing when you're browsing someones photos it is most likely a problem with some popup-blocker or ad-blocker (such as Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm) that you are using. The maximum size for a thumbnail photo is 120x90, which coincidently happens to be a common size for small ads, so the image is blocked. To resolve the problem, simply disable the popup-blocker or ad-blocker.

Old web browser

If you still have problems with our website, you might need to upgrade to a newer web browser version. supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera, as long as it's a fairly new web browser version.

Mozilla Firefox

Some of our members have had some smaller problems with Mozilla Firefox, for instance the quick menu/icons doesn't flash when you receive a new message/guestbook entry etc. This problem seems to be solved by allowing to show popups.

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