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Before contacting an admin, please read through the help section first. If you can't find an answer to your question there, check out the forum posts in the Attention Admins community, it's very likely that someone else has asked the same question and that it has already been answered. If it takes too long to go through all posts you can also Search the Attention Admins forums.

If you have a general question not directed to a specific admin, please use the contact us form.
Nickname Responsibility Last login
  Thomas M32 Site admin Sep 06, 2014
  Jestermeister M42 Site admin Oct 12, 2017
  zoleia F31 Site admin Mar 21, 2016
  CharNode M34 Site admin Oct 18, 2006
  IamDaphy F41 Site admin Dec 18, 2017
  Vinnie M44 Site admin Dec 02, 2017
  JoJo F29 Site admin Oct 29, 2011
  Wullie M40 Site admin Sep 29, 2016
  Nerh F35 Site admin Dec 11, 2012

The following admins don't handle pure admin issues, so don't bother contacting them. They aren't arrogant in any way, it's just that their time is very very limited.
Nickname Responsibility Last login
  Patrick M37 Programming, server maintenance Sep 04, 2017
  Marwin M39 Programming, web design, server maintenance Nov 23, 2015
  Andy M35 Moral support Nov 30, 2011
  Rob M36 Graphics, web design Jul 26, 2014
If you have a question of economic nature, please use the contact us form and scroll down to "I have an advertising / business / financial inquiry".

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