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To use Communities.com you need to have cookies and Javascript enabled. Check out our troubleshooting section for more information on how to enable cookies and Javascript.

Hotmail users

If you are using a Hotmail account when you are signing up at Communities.com, you might need to add Communities.com to your Safe List, so the welcome e-mail doesn't get filtered out as junk e-mail. To do so, sign in to Hotmail, click Options (next to help) and select Mail from the left-hand panel, followed by Junk E-mail Protection. Then select Safe List and type in "communities.com" and click "Add".

Didn't receive your confirmation/verification e-mail?

If you never received your confirmation/verification e-mail, you can of course not verify your e-mail address and hence you can't login. On this page you can change your e-mail address and receive a new confirmation e-mail on that address instead. Enter your nickname and password and your new e-mail below. If your nickname and password are correct and the account is not already enabled, you will receive a new e-mail which you need to verify. You can repeat this process until you find a working e-mail address.


Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can enter your nickname or e-mail address below and we will send you an e-mail with a temporary link to reset and change your password.


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