Please note that the help section hasn't been updated to cover all v2.0 changes of the web site, so it is currently a bit outdated. We will try and update the help section as soon as we have the time. FAQ

We strongly recommend that you check out the FAQ which should answer most of your questions.

Quick menu

If you are a new member you definately want to check out this page. The quick menu is crucial for navigating the site and you will find it very handy once you've become accustomed to the site.

Top menu

This page contains useful information about the top menu and different sections of the site. If you need help with a specific section this is the place to learn more.


Help about the messenger.

Chat rooms

Chat room help.

Communities / forums

Help related to the communities / forums section.


Help about which html-tags you may use in descriptions on the site.


Here you can see which characters that will be replaced with which emoticon/smiley. More smileys will be added in the future.


If you think you are having technical/web browser problems with our site, the troubleshooting section is very useful.

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